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    "You need to keep moving forward towards endless possibilities. Learn from your past mistakes.

    Be the one to inspire other people with what you do."

    Her life

    Her real name goes by Lauren, born June 10, 1993 in Indonesia. She's currently residing in Jakarta. Lauren aims to be an aspiring clinical psychologist, with her interests in anxiety, personality, and dissociative disorders. She finally got her bachelor degree in Psychology (Faculty of Psychology, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia) on June 22, 2017. She developed a Social Anxiety Scale for university students as a part of her thesis. She's currently preparing both her research and scale for scientific journal. Out of all personality approaches and theories, she prefers Adler and Horney's theories. She's also intrigued by behavioral approach for psychotherapy.

    Her style

    Only three words could describe her lifestyle perfectly; minimalist, monochrome, and natural. She cherishes simplicity in every aspect of her life. Why bother yourself with complicated things? Which is why, as much as she likes pastel colors, she chooses to stick with monochrome. Her bedroom, personal things, and wardrobe consists of monochrome, as in black and white, with a touch of blue. She couldn't get rid shades of blue from her life. Her favorite shade is navy. She adores makeup just like any other girl, but she prefers to look natural with natural makeup color (the nudes).


    Lauren may seems indifferent sometimes, but she's got great passion for her works and interests. She's hardworking and will always give her best. She's definitely not a tardy person. In fact, she's never late to any appointments and always ahead of time. She even had come to one of her job interviews, two hours ahead the scheduled time. "I may not be the best when it comes to time management, but I do know one thing. Never waste your time. Every second you waste on it, you also lose great life opportunities" - Lauren (2013)

    Her interests

    Lauren has a thing for art and design. She enjoys graphic and web design, as well as video and audio editing. She has participated in a few Psychology Projects on campus through her designs and editing skill, be it event poster, flyers, video, website, t-shirts, or even agenda. She may not be the best in photography. Nevertheless, her admiration of beautiful nature and surroundings becomes her motivation to keep learning, and practicing photography.


    One of Lauren's dreams is to travel around the world, learn the foreign culture, enjoy foreign cuisines, and share her exciting experiences through her writings and photography. For her, experience worth more than any material things. She hopes that her dream would come true someday. She's also eager to learn foreign languages, be it through the journey or from courses. She won't have any problem when it comes to communication in English. She’s able and enjoys writing fiction stories in English.


    She plays the violin and loves music. She has to admit that she enjoys Korean Pop music and groups. She likes movies, drama and books in mystery, horror, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction genres. If she has to choose between watching comedy or romance in movie theater, she’ll definitely choose comedy. You can’t call her an ‘Otaku’ but she's very fond of One Piece. One Piece is all about a fantastic yet crazy adventures. Since she loves traveling, she became very fond of One Piece.


    Her ideal way of spending her spare time will be having a cup of hot cappuccino while reading novels by Rick Yancey. Yes, she is definitely a coffee addict. Cappuccino is her favorite. She admires Rick Yancey novels, especially ‘The Monstrumologist’ series. Steve Alten and James Dashner novels have been garnering her attention lately. Nonetheless, when you ask her which writer inspired her the most, she'll definitely say J.K. Rowling.

  • Her Universe

    Her area of skills and specialties


    “Exaggerated sensitiveness is an expression of the feeling of inferiority."

    - Alfred Adler

    Lauren majors in Clinical Psychology. Therefore, she has vast knowledge of Psychopathology (esp. Social Anxiety), Psychological Assessments (esp. MBTI and NEO PI-R), Observational Studies, as well as Psychological Research and Experiments. She's aiming for a Master Degree in Adult Clinical Psychology. She's very intrigued in DID.


    "Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all."

    - John F. Kennedy

    Lauren has accustomed in using computer and various programs since elementary school. She's familiar with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10. She's able to work with Microsoft Office 2010 (Access, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, and Word), Adobe InDesign CS6, and SPSS for statistics. She's also familiar with HTML and CSS for web page design.

    Art & Design

    "Art is allowing yourself to make mistakes & knowing the ones to keep."
    - Scott Adams

    ​Lauren independently learns graphic design for almost 6 years (from 2011). She uses Adobe Photoshop to do her magic. She also enjoys video and audio editing. She's quite familiar with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere and Audacity. When it comes to photography though, she only uses her Xiaomi Mi4i camera and do wonders with Snapseed.

    Creative Writing

    “I'll be writing until I can't write anymore.

    I love writing.”
    - J.K. Rowling

    Lauren has always been in love with the idea of sharing beautiful things through writing. She enjoys writing stories in English, and usually pours her ideas in her Story Journal. She used to write fan fictions in Asianfanfics community, and share blog posts on Tumblr.

    Soft Skills

    "You should try to become

    a man of value."

    - Albert Einstein

    Lauren manages to balance her activities. She has high awareness of herself and surroundings. Lauren doesn't mind criticisms. She's adaptable with good communication, creative thinking, organization, problem solving and teamwork skills.


    “The limits of my language

    means the limits of my world.”

    - Ludwig Wittgenstein

    Lauren has the ability to write and speak English fluently (professional working proficiency). She learnt English for 11 years, and scored 583 on her latest Atma Jaya TOEFL test. She never stops practicing English through reading novels and writing stories.

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